The birth and growth of industrialization took the world by storm. The industrialization paved way for many scientific discoveries and technological advancement. Industrialization changed the economic and social status of several countries. The transition of the global village from agrarian to industrial took place because of industrialization. All the technical advancements and machinery we see today are its results. It created jobs and improved the standard of living of the workers.

What is SDG 9?

Goal 9 of UN SDGs promotes Sustainable Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization, and fosters innovation. The goal targets on creating strong foundation at both regional and trans-border levels to support both economic development and human well being. It aims to create employment opportunities and improve the GDP of many underdeveloped and developing countries.

What are the Targets of SDG 9?

By 2030, the goal aims to upgrade the existing infrastructure in all countries. It promotes resource efficiency, clean and environmentally sound technological and industrial processes. The goal also supports fostering innovation and creative thinking to improve scientific and technical research.

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The goal emphasizes significant development in ICT in all the least or underdeveloped countries to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries by 2020. It would help in maintaining transparency between the government and its citizens. India has taken several steps to make ICT available and accessible for everyone. India has taken up several E-gov initiatives to make workings easier and transparent to the citizens.

Finally, the SDG 9 aims to provide an efficient and sustainable environment to develop a country’s economy and avoid exploitation of workers and innovators.

How can we Achieve SDG 9?

Like the SDG 8, even this goal encourages the startup culture and access to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. The SDG aims to help in availing financial aids and affordable credits to help them pave their way to the market. Small businesses aid the country by providing employment opportunities at all levels and improve the economy of the country. India fosters and encourages MSMEs and startups under several schemes like MUDRA Yojna, Skill India, Startup India etc. These schemes enable budding entrepreneurs to get the help they need. These schemes also play a significant role in promoting the Vocal for Local campaign.

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By Sustainable Industrialisation, the UN and the Govt. of India mean setting up and establishing industries to provide employment and better living standards to the citizens of the country. This way, artisans who play a significant role in manufacturing indigenous products are taken care of and, it also provides a platform to express several forms of art and crafts that exist in the country. The Make in India initiative has fostered a sense of self-reliance in the entrepreneurs of the country.