Celebrating valentine’s day with your loved ones is a big deal. Likewise, gifting the right gifts to your valentine could speak volumes about you and the state of your relationship. Gifts are meant to be special; it shows how well you know the other person.

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the mundane gifts like heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates or bouquets. Below is a list of zero-waste gifts for your valentine. These gifts are totally personal, zero-waste, and bio-degradable. If you are still looking for gifts for your valentine, this list is for you!

Trendy Funky Clothes

Gifting your significant other clothes is an intimate step. Buying clothes require a deep understanding of likes and dislikes, and preferences of your valentine. Buy your gift from various sustainable fashion brands that are special to your loved one. Sustainable fashion brands use fabrics and dyes that are sustainable and organic in nature. Each piece of clothing is made with utmost care and love. This is one of the most preferred and special gifts one could receive on Valentine’s day.

Skincare Essentials

Today, skincare products are essential for all of us. When you gift skincare products, it reflects how much you care for them. Buy your loved one a customized skincare gift basket. These baskets include their favorite skin scents, essential oils, body oils, body butters, facial rollers, and bath salts. Few of them even include customized ubtan powders and body scrubs. They are perfect for someone who needs to take a break and relax.

Customized Bath Essentials

Soap baskets are old, but they make a great gift. Soap baskets are made of customized handmade soaps in different shapes and forms. You can choose from a wide variety of essential oils, scents, and soap colors. You could also include handmade scented candles and skin conditioning bars to make it more personal. These soaps are made of natural ingredients and, they do not use plastic of any kind in their packaging. Gift baskets are packed using clothes and recycled papers.

Baked goods and Chocolates

Everyone loves baked goods, right? There is no better gift than food. Bake them cute little muffins and brownies or anything of their liking. You can make them fascinating by using special heart-shaped molds and colorful icings.

Another great idea is to customize and personal chocolates. You can make their favorite chocolates from scratch. Add in nuts, berries, orange peels, and other essences. This is a great way to experiment and make chocolate that they absolutely love. One of the best parts of baking is, you are in charge of what goes into the final product. Make the best out of this freedom and experiment as much as you want.

These are a few suggested ideas for your last-minute valentine’s gifting shenanigans. All the above gifting suggestings are absolutely natural and zero waste. This valentine’s, pledge to spread your love for the planet in all possible ways and inspire others to do the same.