2020 was a year of uncertainties and endurance. The year changed our perspectives of various things. Most of them lost their jobs while many landed great ones. The year of uncertainties has finally ended and we have stepped into a whole new decade of hope and perseverance. We are trying so hard to make ourselves better, let us look at what can we do better to promote harmony and sustainability in the world.

Every year, we make a bunch of impractical resolutions only to break them. This year, instead of making resolutions which we seldom follow, lets us adopt a few new sustainable practices that could take us a long way. These simple practices are easy on your pockets and they manage to bring smile on people’s faces. They are elegant and authentic at the same time.

Sustainable Gifts

We are huge on gift giving. On an average we exchange gifts almost every month like a tradition.  Why not made this tradition an eco-friendly and sustainable one? Make sure your gifts are sustainable and ethical. There are several ways and types of sustainable gifts. If you know your friends and family well, you would know what would make a perfect gift for them.

Choose from Valuearth’s varied range of sustainable and eco-friendly products! From Grooming essentials and cutlery, we have everything covered for you. Handmade gifts are more personalized in nature. If you are willing to make a cute present, we a few options for you. Dream Catchers, photo wall hangings, Cookies and cake, handmade jewelry to name a few. Make sure to write a heartfelt note on a tag or a letter along with your gifts. You could use plantable sheets or paper embedded with seeds to write your notes and letters.

Reuse and upcycle your old wrapping papers, newspapers, and old clothing piece. Use them to wrap your gifts. Instead of using a plastic bow on your gift box or gift basket, make sure to use burlap strings made of plant fibers.


Donate Food

Festivals and food go hand in hand. While there a religious reason for donating food during festivals, it is mostly about sharing and giving to the people in need. If you are organizing a dinner party for friends and family get togethers, the meal you would prepare would be at least six to 7 courses.

If you have any food leftover, instead of dumping it in your trash can donate your food to shelter homes and orphanages. Give them a chance to enjoy a happy meal.


Sustainable Décor

Most of us tend to go overboard on holiday decorations. What starts as a simple, inside the house décor would turn out to be quite bedecked. This year, let us look into our décor plans to make it eco-friendly and sustainable. Reuse all the existing decors like lights and wall hangings. For More ideas on sustainable decor, visit our blog.

If you are looking to buy more décor elements, make sure you avoid plastic at all costs. Make handmade tree ornaments and wall hangings from your old clothes and fabric patches. Look into your decor lights and assure that they are LED lights.


Go Vocal for Local

Being Vocal for Local businesses should not need an occasion. This new year, pledge to shop everything from your local small business. From all your grocery essentials to clothing, visit your local small businesses and shop from them. It is a small act of kindness that would make them and their families happy. Here are a few reasons why you should go vocal for local.


Donate your old clothes to shelter homes and toys to orphanages, give others a chance to experience the kind of happiness you your family experience almost every day.

Donate your books to public libraries and government school libraries; you never know how many people and children could benefit from your donation. Donate to your favorite charities, make an effort to bring a smile to others’ faces.

Plant and Compost

This sustainable practice could take us a long way. Planting and gardening is one of the best ways to detox and relieve stress. Composting helps in reducing the amount of green waste being produced. To know more about composing and steps involved, click here.