2020 was inarguably extremely stressful on everyone. All of a sudden, from toddlers to grandparents, everyone was stranded in one place. Irrespective of the bond one shared with their family, it could get stressful in unfortunate times like this. During the lockdown and the entire pandemic, out of many hobbies you must have picked up or even tried, gardening would’ve been on the list as well. The lockdown phase saw millions of people jump from one hobby to another based on the social media’s trending factor.


Gardening is a hobby that brings joy and peace. It is both calming and helps you get out of the amount of stress the generation goes through. We live in a time where apartments and skyscrapers attract more people. Apartments are a go-to place for today’s youngsters to either live in or to invest. It is mostly because of the sense of freedom and the calm and serene views. Decorating and turning an apartment into a home could be a challenging task, but with millions of ideas floating around in our heads, it has become a piece of cake. Gardening or the green element in the house decides the look of the house; it is also one of the most enjoyed and rewarding décor tasks.


If you are someone that lives in an apartment and want to spruce up the place with your favorite plants, look no more! We have got the best ideas and suggestions that would match all your needs for the green element at your apartment. Balconies are one such place where we usually find the ‘me time’ and spend time reflecting and questioning our thought processes. We have a list of Sustainable Balcony Décor ideas that are easy on you and your pocket.

Low Maintenance Balcony Décor

If you are someone who likes having plants around but is a busy bee, then succulents are perfect for you. Succulents are low maintenance and, they go well with all types of home décor. There is a wide range of succulents to choose from depending on where you place them. You could have hanging pots and have succulents that resemble climbers.

Along with succulents, you could have plants like snake plants, money plants, and other creepers that could grow on your walls. They make the perfect wall art. All they need would be watering from time to time and occasional trimming based on your preference.

Add in a hanging light in warm color tone, and you are all set!

Vertical Garden

If your balcony space is less and you want a perfect little green garden, a vertical garden is your solution! There are a variety of vertical garden options to choose from.  You could buy hanging planter cups, Wall green boards depending on the measurements and sides, and plant pot holders and stands. These options are inexpensive and serve for a long time.

For the greens, you could choose from ferns, crotons, succulents, bromeliads, and different types of pothos. They are great with all types of wall color and design. You could spruce it up with aromatic plants like lemongrass, dhavana, and rosemary.

Reused and Upcycled Balcony Décor

If you are a little tight on budget and want to get the gardening process going, you could upcycle and use old and cracked ceramic pots and bowls to plant your greens. You could reuse your old coconut bowls as hanging pots on your balcony. Some plants do not even need soil; you could use old and discarded wine bottles for them.

Credits: maxresdefault

You could choose from a variety of plants for your garden. Basil, oregano, rose, lily and jasmine are a few examples. Flowering plants in your garden never fail to surprise you with flowers and a pleasant aroma.

Minimalistic Balcony Décor

To spend some quality time with yourself or your friends and families, you could add in low-maintenance patio furniture made of bamboo and cane.

These furniture give your balcony a more rustic and sustainable look. By buying this furniture made of sustainable wood, you are not only doing good to the environment but also helping the artisans and craftsmen of the country.

There is a whole new range of bamboo and cane furniture available today like Swing sets, sofas, coffee tables and even lamps. You could opt for hanging or vertical garden to go with the bamboo furniture. They look minimalistic and yet, elegant.

Extravagant Sustainable Balcony Décor

If you have ample space on your balcony, you could decorate it according to your will with no compromises at all. To make the best use of your balcony space, use ceramic-based or mud-based pottery for your plants.

If you are a fan of water creatures, you could build a small, indoor pond in your balcony and add in fishes in it. You could also glow water plants like lotus and peace lily. To give your plants and pond a little rustic look, you could add in an antique reading table and chairs.

It could be your spot to hang out and spend some time there. Along with these, you could plant a few orchids to make it bright and colorful.

Edible Greens in Balcony Décor

Instead of just growing plants that make your balcony look good, grow your food. It is simple to grow vegetables like carrots, onion, tomatoes, and cabbage. You could grow green leaves like spinach and methi as well. These vegetables and plants would be fresh and free from all kinds of harsh chemicals. They do not take much time to grow and harvest, and you would know what is going into your vegetables.

If not vegetables, you could grow herbs like basil, curry leaves, coriander, oregano, rosemary, and fennel. They are aromatic and keep the house fresh. You could use fresh herbs whenever your recipes call for them and dry them whenever necessary.