Over the centuries, women have been facing the social injustice of gender inequality. Men have been considered as superior, while women are forced to not speak out/up, denied representation, and side-lined in terms of healthcare and quality education.

Gender Inequality and patriarchy are extremely rigid and deeply rooted in the society we live in. Every time a woman or a feminist raises their voice against inequality and discrimination, they are attacked and harassed. Resorting to violence when an age-old, irrelevant barrier is broken shows how biased the society is. Women have been fighting for centuries to get the respect and place they deserve in society. They are going to great places and earning marvellous titles today.

This year, we witnessed two women, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna win the noble prize together for the first time. Theresa Kachindamoto, paramount chief of Dedza, Malawi put an end to child marriage and insisted on educating the girls. She believes that educating women of a country would help them grow socially and economically. It would also lessen the number of deadly diseases like AIDS spreading because of the lack of knowledge and education of the people.

Women all over the world are breaking barriers in every aspect. From education and politics to acting, sports and military, women are raising through their power. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and a former actress said, “Women do not need to find a voice. They have a voice; we have to empower them to use it.”

To empower women and help them, the United Nations has Gender Equality as one of its Sustainable Development Goals. The goal aims to create and raise awareness about the sensitivity and significance of the issue. By 2030, the UN aims to achieve global gender equality in all terms. We have a list of a few steps we could take to make the world a better place for women.


Make Education Gender Sensitive

Not less than a century ago, education was accessible to only men. Patriarchal society made it impossible for women and small girls to learn and gain knowledge; they were deprived of their fundamental rights to education and speech. Today, we see a large number of girls going to schools. An entire generation of women have fought for this to happen.

Despite the efforts by the governments and activists, we see a bias based on gender. It is necessary to create a safe space for everyone at school, where girls and boys treat each other with respect and compassion. It is essential to teach about equality at schools, only then the kids would grow up and change those around them.

Stop Child Marriage and violence against women

Age-old traditions and practices like child marriage have been holding back women and society from getting the education they deserve. Child Marriage has been a major reason for female illiteracy. Despite strict measures and efforts by governments, these traditions still exist today. People of the community need to be educated about how it would affect the future of the girl and the entire country.

Violence against women is continuously in the news. To put an end to this, we have to educate and teach women about their rights, women’s protective services, and government policies for them. We have to empower and encourage women to come up and speak out about their accomplishments and hardships.

Empower and Educate

A simple conversation about girl child education with her parents could open up a window of opportunities for her. Indian government has launched several policies for girl children and their education. It might not be an easy task to convince the parents to forgo their beliefs, but the hardship would be worth it when you see the little girl go to school.

Empower rural and tribal women by providing them with jobs and workshops to cultivate skills. It would help them be financially independent and support themselves and their families. These women would also be mothers to several children; it would help them understand the importance of education for their little daughter. Not only are you helping mothers support themselves, but also building a bright future for their daughters.

Bring Women to Power

You can see a significant amount of change in society only when you bring women to power. One cannot expect men to make decisions about the rights and duties of a woman. Women deserve a place at the table where decisions are made. Even today, it is hard for women to be taken seriously in the bureaucratic hierarchy. Applaud their courage and elect them.

Encourage more and more women to contest in elections and elect them as our representatives. The world needs more Jacinda Arderns and AOCs to bring about changes we wish to see in our future.

Work together

Work along with NGOs and NPOs to bring about changes in our society. A simple way to work towards gender equality is to sign up and participate in campaigns with these NGOs. Every helping and supporting hand would make the campaigns and causes strong.

UN Women is a global organization constantly working towards the betterment of young girls and women across the world. Womankind Worldwide is another international organization for women’s rights that works in solidarity and equal partnership with Women’s rights organizations worldwide to better the lives of women.


These are a few simple ways in which we could help women across the world grow and get stronger. Even simple steps like teaching kids at home to respect everyone around them would take them a long way. Let us all pledge to respect and help as many women as possible in whichever way possible. Let us empower them to use their voices to build a better tomorrow for millions of young girls and women.