Coconut trees are one of a kind. Not a single part of the tree goes to waste. This tree could be an amazing example of a zero-waste tree. From roots to shoots, everything has its own purpose and use. Even resins and jute are extensively used, one such byproduct is coconut shells.

Coconut Shells are the most sustainable and eco-friendly crockeries of all. These coconut shells are carefully handcrafted to turn them into attractive Coconut Bowls. They are zero-waste and sustainable, and easy to care for.


If you are still looking for more reasons to buy coconut bowls or convince someone to buy, here are a few.

They are Authentic 

Coconut shells add a rustic, authentic look to your kitchen. Eating in them might take you back to ages. They are easy to wash and store, and are low maintenance. From soups to ice-cream, you can serve anything in them. They tend to have a soothing effect every time you look at them or use them. They make you feel one in the beauty of nature. They would make an amazing house-warming gift for your friends and co-workers.

They are Sustainable and Eco-friendly

A coconut bowl is a great apparatus for an eco-reasonable way of life. They are made completely from coconut shells, they are a hundred percent natural, bio-degradable, compostable, and they produce no waste. We, at Valuearth, use disposed-off shells to craft out these beautiful coconut bowls.  Each year, about 99% of coconut shells are termed as waste. We groom these bowls and give them a chance. These bowls take years to wear out or go bad. You can plant samplings in them and turn them into a pot. They are a 100% zero-waste product.

They are Strong and Long-lasting

Coconut bowls are extremely strong in contrast to clay, porcelain, and glass. These coconut bowls are cleaned multiple times with natural coconut oil before being wrapped up and conveyed. Washing then is easy; wash them with hands and a little soap. After wash, wipe them clean and let them dry completely. Use coconut oil to sparkle them each 15-20 uses. Their life span will rely on how you care for them. These coconut bowls are temperature friendly. You can eat everything out of it every single day.

They help you eat right

All you would want to eat in them are indistinguishable wholefoods. Plants, servings of mixed greens, natural products, smoothies. Once you get used to eating healthy food in these bowls, it’s hard to stop. This way, you tend to experiment more and cook more at home. A healthy practice, which will reward you your entire life.

They support companies with ethical codes and practices, farmers and artisans

These bowls are usually manufactured and sold by companies that have strong ethical codes and practices. Companies and suppliers are still budding and aspire to grow huge and make a difference.

They also create a job-market for farmers and artisans to use their masteries and make these beautiful, handcrafted bowls. Supporting these eco-friendly companies, farmers and artisans grow would be taking your first steps towards a better tomorrow.