Achieving a sustainable lifestyle is a long journey. Many of us desire to take up this journey but don’t know where to start. Many of us stumble at the very start and wonder how to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Humans are inherently resistant to change. An American-Swiss Psychiatrist Elisabeth KüblerRoss said humans often resist big and sudden changes by shock, denial, anger, and frustration. Change has to be incremental for us to better adapt it. Hence we should consider making simple, incremental, and hassle-free changes in our lifestyle at the start of our journey towards sustainable living. 

Here are 5 easy and pain-free steps to take towards a sustainable lifestyle.      

1. Eradicate soft drinks and chips from your lifestyle. Simply because they are extremely unhealthy and contribute to a lot of waste. Research conducted by ‘Greenpeace’ and ‘Break Free From Plastic’ organizations found that Coco-Cola Company and PepsiCo are the top 2 biggest contributors to the plastic waste of the world. Keeping ourselves away from such unhealthy products should be our first step towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

2. Say NO to single-use plastic straws and plastic cutlery. If you are ordering food online, don’t forget to tick the option for not opting for plastic cutlery (Swiggy and Zomato both have that option). Ask for metal cutlery and eco-friendly straws whenever you visit a restaurant. If the restaurant doesn’t have alternatives to plastic straws then don’t use a straw at all. I strongly advocate to always carry our own eco-straw and eco-cutlery. Find out these beautiful and handy Stainless Steel Metal Straws and Eco Cutlery to always carry with you. 

3. Avoid getting a paper copy of the receipt every time you swipe your Debit/Credit Card or use an ATM. All these receipts just keep stuffing in our wallet only to make it look bulkier. Always opt for digital copies of mobile bills, credit card bills, and bank statements. Keeping track of digital bills is far easier than maintaining files for paper copies. Go Digital 🙂 you will cut down on a lot of paper waste.  

4. Plastic toothbrush, plastic tongue cleaner, and dishwasher scrubbers have extremely high disposal frequency. High disposal frequency means we use these objects for a smaller amount and time and thus contribute to a lot of waste. We need to switch to an eco-friendly alternative for these items. Check out these cool eco-friendly products such as Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Tongue Cleaner, and Coconut Coir/Husk Scrubbers. Make a switch to these eco-friendly alternatives.

5. Avoid canned juices and bottled water. Canned juices are high in sugar and calories, and they contribute to a lot of waste. Go for fresh juices instead. They are natural, fresh, and sustainable. Carrying your own water bottle is a good way to avoid bottled water. 

These are simple and hassle-free ways to kick start your journey towards sustainable living. 

Make your actions count. Embrace the change towards waste-free living.